Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Google Anatomy" Yet To Be Born

We've all heard of Google Earth and Google Mars. Now wouldn't it be fun (not to mention, useful) if we could see the internals of the human body? Such program would prove useful to the world of medicine.

Here's how I imagine it to work:

Google + nanotechnology = Google Anatomy

Monday, March 27, 2006

Adsense's Rival Hires People To Make "Invalid Clicks"

OK, again, I made that one up. Here's the real story.

The real world is simply much more complicated than the Web. And Google simply has to make its programs and services more and more smart. Consider this little fictional situation for instance. How will Google handle this dilemma?

Mr X owns a site that offers a pay-per-click program, like Google's Adsense and Adwords programs. He gets jealous of Google getting all the attention and, of course, the profit.He decides to secretly hire people to make intentional "invalid clicks" on Adsense ads on thousands of websites.

Such actions could make these things to happen:

  • More and more invalid clicks could result to more and more angry Adwords partners. (They certainly wouldn't want to pay for invalid clicks.)
  • More and more angry Adwords partners could result to less and less Adwords partners.
  • More and more invalid clicks could result to more and more Adsense accounts closed.
  • More and more accounts closed could result to more and more angry Adsense partners.
  • More and more angry Adsense and Adwords partners could result to less and less people using Google's Adsense and Adwords programs.
  • Less and less Google users could result to more and more site owners to come and use Mr X's PPCS, which could then result to more and more profit for Mr X and less and less profit for Google.

Of course, the situation I have just presented is fictional, it may never happen. (You may even say it's stupid.) But with the ongoing battle for Web supremacy, other smaller websites/companies could resort to doing such "unethical" moves.

So how can Google and its Adwords users protect themselves from click-fraud? How can (innocent) Adsense partners protect themselves from being penalised for "making invalid clicks" which they didn't do?

These are tough challenges for Google, I think. So what's the solution? Well, for me, Google simply has to outsmart the real world. But how on Earth can Google do that? I don't know, perhaps through its AI.

Friday, March 24, 2006

GBox: Google's Very Own Game Console

Headline: Google Launches GBox- its very own game console!

OK, I made that one up. GBox doesn't exist (at least for now).

But what if does? What if it's already being built inside Google's most advanced labs? Will it crush Microsoft's XBox to the ground and take over the world of gaming? The gaming industry is huge and Google should really be taking advantage of that.

Here's a little message I have to all the folks at Google.

Guys, you've already proven yourselves. You're the best when it comes to providing superior online services and applications, and for that, I thank you. But, are you really all just about softwares? Come on, show the world that Google can do more than making buch of extremely-useful-super-duper-killer applications. Show the world a new breed of game console. Give the world a different kind of game experience.

You guys should really be working on a GBox-to-be. Until that happens, we'll all be waiting.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Your Dream Job: A Click Away with Google Base-Job

At any given time, millions of people are online looking for jobs. Perhaps you're one of them. Well here's another site you can add to your bookmark of job sites. Introducing Google Base-Job. Using Google's powerful search engine, Google Base searches its own database (for you), as well as hundred other job sites for new job postings and listings. One great thing about Google Base is that, companies can post job listings from their corporate websites directly to Google Base.

Google Base provides you with several options when searching for a job. You can either search by position, industry, job function, location and education, basically the same features other job sites offer. You can use these options to refine your search.

Join the hunt. Visit Google Base-Job now.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Google Launches Beta Version of Google Finance

The search advertising company has launched a test version of its financial news portal, Google Finance. I found the site via a newsletter, and never knew such a service exists until just today. From what I have read, it aims to draw users away from Google's rivals like Yahoo! and Microsoft Corp's MSN by providing financial information directly to users when they sign up on Google's homepage or they can just visit the Google Finance site.

Some journalists described Google Finance as a simple yet sophisticated service. The site has a very organized look that even first-time visitors can navigate with ease. It contains a Market Summary showing the four major North American indexes with their prices and prices changes. (As of this time, Google only covers companies in North America, but it has plans to expand quickly to other countries in the future.) There's also a search box (how could they not put their own search box?) so you can quickly find stock prices, market caps, etc.

Check out Google Finance now.